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I want to stop as a self-employed person

If you want to cease your self-employment for whatever reason, a number of important administrative steps await you. If you’re not sure where to start or are short on time, you can rely on icounter by Acerta to take care of things for you in no time.

Stoppen als zelfstandige

Closing your business

It's time for something new. A new venture, a salaried job or perhaps your well-earned retirement. Whatever the case, when you cease your business, you need to notify various agencies. Starting with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises or CBC, and the VAT authorities.

Having your company number deleted in the CBC

First, request your company number to be deleted in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. You’re closing your business, and so you no longer need it. Through icounter by Acerta, you do this easily, quickly and entirely online. We will register the cessation date for you with the CBC, and then provide you with an extract as proof.

Ending your self-employed status

If you stop your business, and do not set up a new one, your status as a business owner also ends. This has certain consequences for your social status. As a self-employed person, you pay social contributions to a social insurance fund. If you stop being self-employed, you will also stop paying social security contributions as a self-employed person.

If your income exceeded the calculations, you can still expect an invoice. This is because social security contributions are calculated on your income from the previous three years. And that can only be done once the financial year has ended. If you’re a member of the Acerta social insurance fund, you can contact us for all your questions in this regard.