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I want to close an establishment

One of your shops is not running as well as expected, or that second office space turns out to be an unnecessary extra cost after all. You therefore decide to close an establishment. You don’t do so without notifying certain authorities. You will find out what steps you need to take below.
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What is an establishment?

Every shop, office, branch, warehouse or workspace has its own establishment address. If you want to close one of these places, report this to an accredited enterprise counter such as this online platform, icounter by Acerta.

As soon as we receive your request to close an establishment , we will commence the process to close the establishment administratively. That is, adding the closure to the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises or CBE.

Would you like to close multiple establishments? That too can be done through icounter by Acerta. Note that you have to apply and pay for each closure separately.

Shutting down your business

As long as you still have at least one establishment, your independent activities will continue. If you wish to stop being self-employed, You must close all your establishments and go through the procedure to discontinue your business.